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“Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter”
Mark Twain

We have a team that provides financial assistance quickly to allow you to make the changes you need.

Marco Lorenzana – Placement Angel

We want to be a resource for you…

I recently spoke to a placement agent. She said her client only had $1,400/month coming in. The placement agent then asked if they had a home they could sell to help subsidize the monthly assisted living payments. The client did have a home to sell.
We loaned the client $30K upfront based on the homes equity. She then could afford a $4,400/monthfacility that was more suitable for her needs.
After the client moved into the community we then helped to manage repairs on her home with $20,000. The home sold for $55,000 more than it would have if she sold it as-is.

Without senior property solution

House value $330,000
Extra net money for care $0
Afford Monthly $1,400
Move in time 2-3 months when home sells

Using senior property solution

House Value $385,000
Extra net money for care $35,000
Afford Monthly $4,400
Move in time 2-4 days

Having funds available will help you to: